Feb 28th, 2014

Valentine's Royalty

Each year Brightondale and Meadowood Shores hold a Valentine Coronation where a lucky lady and gentleman are nominated by their peers to serve as royalty. The King and Queen hold their titles for a year and...

Feb 24th, 2014

Construction Update!

"Before" pictures of the front desk and sunroom areas at Brightondale. Over the last week, the construction team has been working hard to renovate these spaces! We are excited to keep you updated as the process moves...

Feb 24th, 2014

Calling All Volunteers!

At Brightondale, we believe in creating enjoyable moments for our residents and giving their lives value and meaning. We are looking for some dedicated volunteers who would like to help enrich the lives of our...

Feb 6th, 2014

Construction Kick Off!

We kicked off renovations with a lunch celebration! Using the construction theme, residents "built" their own sundaes with a number of delicious toppings! The walls were decorated with caution tape and hard hats and...

Jan 31st, 2014

Construction at Brightondale

Dear Families and Friends of Brightondale,
We are happy to announce our Brightondale renovation project beginning February 3rd, 2014. Renovations include adding 10 apartments to our Reflections community,...

Jan 30th, 2014

Winter Carnival Celebrations

St. Paul Winter Carnival enthusiasts and twin sisters, Jane Lonergan and Joan Kelly stopped by Brightondale Senior Campus to show off the Carnival memoribilia they've collected over their lifetime. 

postcards created

Connecting the Generations: "Wellness Wishes" Project

At Brightondale residents and students are working on a project that creates well wishes for thier community!

Cyber Senior back in January

Meadowood Shores and Brightondale Assisted residents, it is time to start planning on signing up to be part of our 2018 technology training starting in January.