Cooking For One: Tips, Recipes, and More!

If you are living alone, it can be frustrating to cook for one. You might feel it is not “worth it” or that it is hard to decide what to make. Don’t give up! Cooking for one takes practice and self-...

Healthy Sleep

present by Jess Sweeney of Humana

postcards created

Connecting the Generations: "Wellness Wishes" Project

At Brightondale residents and students are working on a project that creates well wishes for thier community!

Balance & Fall Ptevention

Kindred Rahilitation will be hosting Educational Sessions on Balance & Fall Prevention!

at Brightondale April 4th and at Meadowood Shores on April 18th. 

Session to start at 1:00 at both...

Cyber Senior back in January

Meadowood Shores and Brightondale Assisted residents, it is time to start planning on signing up to be part of our 2018 technology training starting in January.