COVID-19 Update

Apr 10th, 2020


Dear Residents and Families,

Please accept our heartfelt "thank you" for helping keep our communities safe and healthy. Your support of our visitation protocols and other safety measures is a vital part of our fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

As you may be aware, this week Minnesota extended its current stay-at-home order until May 4th. This action is part of the comprehensive effort by people, businesses and the government to slow the spread of COVID19 and to "flatten the curve" of cases. While we support it, we realize that this decision, as well as the Department of Health's guideline to restrict visitors in facilities like ours, makes connecting with family and friends a challenge. We will help you use technology and other ways to meet that challenge, but please know that these social distancing measures are the most effective tools we have to contain the spread of this virus. When done right, they are the best steps we can to take keep you, your family and your neighbors safe. 

As essential healthcare workers, we are steadfast in our commitment to compassionate care and maintaining a safe environment for each of our residents, clients and staff. We want to assure you we are prepared and ready for the challenges that may be yet to come as our communities work to beat back the COVID-19 virus.  As the protocols to manage the outbreak evolve, we will remain in close coordination with our state health departments and the CDC to ensure all recommended steps are being taken.

Accordingly, starting next Monday, April 13th, we will have additional precautions in place including:

  • All employees will wear personal containment masks.
  • We will increase cleaning and disinfection throughout our communities.
  • Continued staff training to ensure thorough knowledge and practice of enhanced precautions.
  • Deployment of hand sanitizing stations and hand washing reminders.
  • Preordering and stocking of cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Continued restriction of visitors.
  • Daily monitoring and screening residents in our assisted living and memory care neighborhoods.
  • Daily screening of each staff member at the beginning of every shift.
  • Closing of all fitness centers and hair salons.
  • Suspension of communal dining and all other group programs and activities.

We remain committed to helping residents remain engaged with others through the use of technology, phone calls and creative programing. Please reach out to our community employees if you have any questions, would like help in getting/staying connected to a family member through technology, or would like to drop off supplies. We will do our best to accommodate these requests.

SilverCrest is collaborating with health officials to monitor and evaluate changing circumstances and our safety protocols and preparation efforts are closely coordinated with the CDC and state health departments. We encourage everyone seeking more information on the COVID-19 outbreak to visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

Thank you for your attention to this important news and for taking up the vital role you play in helping fight this pandemic. Everyone has a job in this battle to protect ourselves, our families, neighbors, and those most at risk. Despite the challenges yet to come, we believe we are up to the task.




The SilverCrest Properties Team