Thank you to the Staff at Meadowood Shores

Meadowood Shores Resident, Lucy Miller shared a Thank You to the staff at Meadowood Shores, after recieving this Irish poem with a Fun St. Patrick's face mask! 

 May the sun shine all day long,

everything go right and nothing wrong.

May those you love bring love back to you

and may all the wishes you wish come true!

"And the same to all fo you! You have guided us through the difficult time, and been strict with us, and I know it has been a lot of hard work figuring it out for you all!  Don't think we don't appreciate you all.  My boys brag about what a great place thier Mom lives in/at."


Merry Christmas 2017 & Happy New Year 2018 from Joyce & Chuck Backlund

This is what could happen when you move into a Senior Living Residence.  Somehow, Chuck and I were crowned King and Queen here.  We rode in the New Brighton parade in August.  We had family and friends watching from the parade route, waving and cheering and giving us much joy.  We have lived here at Meadowood Shores for 2 and 1/2 years now, and we love it.  We are so thankful we made this decision to sell our home and make this move.  We do enjoy this life style and have many new friends.   May the Christ of Christmas live in your heart.

My Home for 7 Years

BD has been a home for my father for almost 7 years. My mother lived here with him for 1 ½ years before she died. It is definitely home for him as well as myself since I live very near and visit him almost daily. When I walk in the front door I am greeted by Sam, Kelsey or other front desk people. They set the tone for the rest of the visit. Su [program director] always has a warm greeting. She has worked so hard to get all residents to participate in something. It is a thankless job for her with my dad but she never stops trying. He really just wants to be in his apartment and will rarely participate in the many activities. She still invites him to what is offered but he still refuses and she respects his decision. Consistency of staff is most important to us. He is blind but he remembers voices and names. We grieve when any of the staff leave.

The kitchen staff strive to be kind to dad, cut up his meat for him and describe what they place in front of him. He is grateful to those who remember to do this.

When we have a maintenance problem, things are fixed almost immediately. Thanks to you, Scott and Nelson.

The nursing staff is always there if we need them and are very responsive.

Pat [house keeping] has kept his apartment neat and clean and is aware of Dad’s special needs to keep him safe. He puts on his Sarah Brightman or Andrew Lloyd Weber music while she cleans because they both enjoy that music.
We have gotten to know and love so many of the people who live here. We have seen so many come and go and they have enriched our lives by their kindness. Dad and I will never take anything for granted. We notice all these special people in his life that make him content and happy. Keep up the great work that you all do. It is so important to the residents you serve.

- Cindy S, Daughter of Resident

So Impressed

My husband Roger was a resident at Brightondale. I visited Roger there 2-3 times a week. I wanted to express my appreciation for the care Roger received. I have been so impressed with the evident fine training of Lifesprk employees in the Reflections area. Their kindness and concern for residents as well as their families is so clearly a day-to-day way of being. I have seen the cheerful willingness to help beyond ordinary courtesy. I have so enjoyed the sparkle, wisdom, and kindness of our Life Care Manager. I will never forget her. I have recommended Brightondale to many people in my church and I will continue to do so.

- JoAnne Kaye, Wife of Resident

Above and Beyond

I could never have cared for my wife alone. Ethel went above and beyond talking with physicians on our behalf so that we could have a better knowledge for what was happening with Sue’s progress. This level of care enhanced our relationship.

- Walter Seidlitz, Lifesprk Client

Greatly Appreciated

I just wanted to thank Lifesprk’s staff for all the help in getting Dale through this tough time. It was a difficult decision moving Dale, keep him near home or move him closer to me so I could be there more often, we picked keeping him close to home. And you've done a great job making that the right choice. Your work is greatly appreciated.

- Bill Houle

Great Nursing Services

I’m constantly giving Lifesprk a good word and referring people to Brightondale due to the great nursing services. I go to so many assisted living buildings and most newer ones are really nice looking but do not have the care that you guys have! Have a great week.

- Jenna Eldstrom

A Warm and Welcoming Place

Brightondale is a warm and welcoming place to call home. Our community is convenient and cordial. There are a variety of activities, from fitness classes and entertainment on campus to outings to see sports, entertainment and cultural offerings. The staff is caring, supportive and friendly. They know us - and our families - by name and they do all they can to meet our physical and social needs.

- Dorothy P, Brightondale Resident

Everything You Want is Here!

I lived at Meadowood Shores for 5 years before moving to Brightondale. I can’t think of any better place to be for me, to be truthful. There’s everything you want here: three meals a day (and kitchen staff will bring up a boxed meal if you’re sick), you can come and go as you please, they bring in entertainers, and I have yet to meet a person who thinks they’re better than me—staff and residents, alike. I enjoy the people that live and work here. If I do have a problem, the front desk staff is helpful to figure it out. My only complaint is that I have no complaint.

- Kathy L, Brightondale Resident

The Staff is Outstanding!

I would recommend Brightondale Memory Care because the staff is outstanding! From the front desk to the Caregivers. The caregivers I’ve met are caring and patient. He is kept clean. After a month, he feels at home there. What a relief that he has made such a smooth transition! Friends who have visited always comment on how clean the building is, plus a welcoming feeling! I’m lucky to have found such a great place for him.

- F. Coffey, Wife of Resident

Thoroughly satisfied

I have lived at Brightondale for one year and am thoroughly satisfied with the assisted living accommodations I have experienced to date. I am especially satisfied with the amenities offered to the residents at no additional cost beyond the monthly rent. These include:

  • Safety. Except the front (main) entrance which is monitored by a staff person during business hours, all entrances are locked 24/7. After business hours, this entrance, too, is locked.
  • Three meals a day are offered. The variety and quality of meals is excellent. On special occasions (Christmas, Easter, etc.) special meals with live entertainment are offered. By my census, the residents really enjoy these occasions and participate joyfully in the festivities.
  • The dining area adjoins a beautiful patio in a wooded setting where barbecues are held and meals may be served (weather permitting). This area is frequently used for daily gatherings and parties during the summer months.
  • The friendships that are developed here have proven to be just as satisfying as those I formed in over 50 years at my own home.
  • Most of the residents have a strong system of faith. Clergy of various faiths visit the facility regularly. A weekly Men’s Bible Study is held every Wednesday morning.
  • The facility’s bus takes residents to and from their places of worship.
  • This bus also may be scheduled to take residents to various appointments (doctor, dentist, shopping. haircuts, etc.) within a 6 mile radius of our facility.
  • The bus is used frequently (usually once or twice a month to take residents to outside activities such as theatrical/music productions, both professional and amateur (high school and college). We are located near several colleges known for the excellence of their music/theatrical productions. Some of the professional productions are at additional cost.
  • t least twice a month, we are treated to scenic drives (local and within-state). We also are able occasionally to attend professional sports games (Twins, Vikings, Wild, etc.) These, of course, are at additional cost.
  • Our facility is next door to a full-service supermarket (including a pharmacy) which is open 24/7. We have access to the store by walking on safe paths from our building.
  • Additionally, we are located within a five minute walk of three restaurants: Italian, Vietnamese/Chinese/Japanese and Chinese. Within a five mile radius I estimate there are an additional 30 restaurants/fast-food providers.
  • For those who still drive, heated, secure garage space is available at a nominal cost, and a filling station is located one-half block away.
  • Three banks are located within 3/4 mile of our facility.
  • A number of health care providers are located within the six mile radius of our bus service including Health Partners, Fairview and Allina.
  • One of my favorite facilities (located within a 6 minute walk) is a dollar store where I can purchase things (including frozen foods) in small quantities and sizes instead of the supermarket’s “value” sizes.
  • The calendar of events always includes at least two special outside musical groups per week, dancers, sing-alongs and a Friday Happy Hour.
  • To assist us in our efforts to avoid a decline in our physical state, exercise classes are held twice weekly.
  • There is an on-site beautician who serves both men and women every Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, there are off-site beauty shops within walking distance.
  • There is an on-site Wellness Clinic every Monday for those who want to have vital signs checked and receive information on continuing wellness. On-site nurses are available to assist with unforeseen health issues.
  • The physical setting, nested in a beautiful a wooded area adjoining a soccer, lacrosse and football field with surrounding walking paths and small ponds, is a beautiful place for relaxing or meditation.
- Dick Ernst, Brightondale Resident